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Leo Lee (Interview)1 day ago

Welcome to CG Hubs: Interviews. This week’s artist is Leo Lee. What brought you to CG Hubs? A friend’s invitation. Do you design as part of your employment or is it a hobby? Yes, I’m currently a freelancer but still got huge enthusiasm in doing art stuff as my hobby. Do you have any special preference, such as texturing, […]

Abdelrahman Kubisi (Interview)1 week ago

Welcome to CG Hubs: Interviews. This week’s artist is Abdelrahman Kubisi. What brought you to CG Hubs? Well, after I posted some of my speed sculpts on Facebook, some guys from your website approached me and told me they like my artwork and they have this new art community and I can join if I want and I liked the idea […]

Darek Zabrocki (Interview)2 weeks ago

Welcome to CG Hubs: Interviews. This week’s artist is Darek Zabrocki. What brought you to CG Hubs? You guys! Thanks for invitation, new site looks quite cool and interesting so I fully keep my fingers crossed that you can go well with your campaign! Do you design as part of your employment or is it a hobby? Back in […]

Our crowdfunding campaign3 weeks ago

We started a campaign a month ago. We wanted to raise funds to purchase a more powerful, dedicated server. We wanted to build a better community. We managed to raise $127USD via Indiegogo. Our campaign failed. Our initial goal was not reached, but we have many possibilities ahead of us. We have an investor who wants […]

Houdini Demo Reel 20141 month ago

Side Effects Software finally released the 2014 demo reel featuring the work of Houdini customers worldwide. From “How to Train a Dragon 2″ by DreamWorks Animation to “Killzone: Shadowfall” by Guerrilla Games, the shots in this reel are a small sampling of all the amazing work created by the Houdini community of artists.

Profile feature: author cards2 months ago

Here’s a new, interesting feature: author cards. More details to follow. What do we offer our users? Integrated profiles, white-label portfolios and author cards. Our users featured for every upload. These three powerful features will motivate any artist out there. We also have print availability, hire/freelance availability, direct email contact and featured images. Why not […]